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"Alisa is the most diligent and knowledgeable recruiter I have ever worked with. She got me the results I was looking for.” - Mike (San Francisco)

"Alisa worked hard to help me get the job I wanted.  She sought out opportunities that fit the work I wanted to do and made sure I was ready for the interview.  She didn't give up when it took a little longer than expected to find the right position for me.  Thanks for all the hard work." 
- Saleem (Orange County)

"Alisa was a pleasure to work with.  She took the time to get to know me and to figure out where I wanted to go in my career.  She was also very responsive to calls and emails, and helped me prepare for my interview.  Not only did she help me find a position at a great firm within a short period of time, she did her best to make sure that it was the right fit for me at this point in my career.  I highly recommend Alisa."- Allison (Orange County)

​​“Alisa secured a position for me across the country with a firm even more prestigious than the one I was leaving.  She is smart, well-connected, and diligent – I’m grateful that she put all those skills toward finding me a terrific new job.  Alisa was always accessible and did a great job in a very tough market.  I wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking to make a move.” - Dan  (Washington, D.C.)


"Alisa is the most diligent and knowledgeable recruiter I have ever worked with. She got me the results I was looking for.” - Mike (San Francisco)​

​“Alisa has successfully placed me in a number of positions (first as a paralegal and then as an associate) over the past 17 years.  Each new position was uniquely suited to my skill set and in an environment that suited my personality.   That’s one quality that sets Alisa apart from other recruiters.  She assesses each candidate individually and searches for opportunities that meet the candidate’s individual goals.” - Marian  (Los Angeles)

"Alisa was excellent to work with.  She was responsive, friendly, and well-connected.  She helped me get a job at the salary I was looking for and within the timeline I requested.  I would definitely recommend her to other attorneys looking to make a move."- Carol (Orange County)

​"I've been contacted by many legal recruiters over the years, but Alisa Levitt really stood apart because of her personal attention, diligence, and strategic coaching. Through her contacts in the legal community, Alisa had a great sense of the dynamics in both small and large firms. This expertise enabled me to find a firm and department that fit my specific goals for both work and firm culture." - Chris (Orange County)​​

"Alisa is everything that you could want in a recruiter. She takes the time to find out what job you are looking for, assists you with your resume and other documents, and actively seeks out opportunities that match your interests. Her personal approach is unique and superior to any other recruiter I have been in contact with. If you are not 100% satisfied with your current job, I strongly recommend you contact Alisa."- Phillip (San Diego)

“When I consulted Alisa, I was just returning to work from a maternity leave and was looking for a less-than-full-time position as an associate attorney with a civil litigation firm. Despite the fact it was tall order, Alisa delivered. She placed me with a large, multi-state law firm and they ultimately offered me an 80% position. The journey to closing the deal was easy for me because the law firm knew in advance what I wanted – thanks to Alisa – and the shareholders were open to trying something different. That placement paid off in more ways than one. In addition to the job Alisa helped me land, it paved the way for me to continue less-than-full-time at other law firms because I could tell true-life stories about how a non-traditional associate position might look. I highly recommend Alisa as an attorney recruiter.” -  Wendy (Sacramento)

 “I wasn't necessarily looking to make a move when Alisa reached out to me but once we met I knew I could trust her for the next step in my career. I even tried to make her stand down a couple of times because it wasn't the "ideal" time to move but she knew what I needed even before I did. I put my trust in her and she made it happen. She found the absolute ideal position for me. I am so incredibly grateful!"- Heather (Orange County)

“Alisa took a real personal interest in my career and family, maintaining contact and providing support long after she helped me make a lateral move.  I consider her more than just a recruiter; she has become a friend.  If I were considering a change, I wouldn't hesitate to seek her assistance." 
- Christine (Orange County) 

"I spoke to several recruiters after deciding to make a move to a new firm.  I ended up solely working with Alisa because she was hands down the best recruiter out there.  Alisa is incredibly responsive and easy to work with.  She coached me through every stage of the job search process, including reviewing my resume, helping me prepare for interviews, and providing much-needed advice.  She was also a source of moral support when I grew impatient two months into the job search.  Alisa kept me grounded and focused on the end-goal and reassured me that the timeline was completely normal and I would find my dream job soon enough.  She was right because shortly thereafter I received an offer from a very well-regarded employment law boutique through her efforts.  That same week I received another offer through one of my own contacts.  Although I ended up accepting the latter offer, I am incredibly grateful for her assistance.  Having two offers on the table was an ideal position to be in during my job search.  I have referred several attorney friends to Alisa already and would highly recommend her to anyone!  Alisa is simply the best in the business!" - Jaclyn (San Diego)

"If you want a recruiter who is diligent, patient and treats you like an individual, look no further.  Alisa is second to none.  Over a two year period, she continually worked to find the perfect position for me.  Most importantly, she took the time to learn about my individual needs and goals in order to find opportunities for the best fit and long-term success.  I cannot thank her enough."- Tim (Orange County)

"Ms. Levitt is a seasoned professional in the attorney placement field. I have known her for over 12 years and consider her a professional contact and friend.  She is adept at matching firms and candidates and her follow through is impeccable.  I recommend her to firms and candidates alike, without reservation." - Malcolm S. McNeil, Partner; International Practice , International Arbitration, Arent, Fox LLP

"I have worked with Alisa for over 13 years.  She has always been very professional, ethical, and responsive with respect to our attorney candidate searches.  Alisa is my "go to" recruiter and I look forward to a continued excellent working relationship with her.  I would definitely recommend Alisa’s services." - Timothy Menter, Partner, Menter & Witkin 

​"Alisa is very knowledgeable and diligent.  She was the only recruiter I met with who I felt was interested in me as a person and focused not only on getting me a position at a new firm but getting me into a position that would be the right fit for me.  She was wonderful about keeping me updated, extremely responsive, and there for me when I needed to talk things through.  I would never work with any other recruiter." Sahar (Orange County)

"I have known Alisa since I was a first year attorney.  She has always been supportive and understanding of my career needs and desire for growth.  Alisa's thoughtful and targeted search landed me with a nationally recognized employment law firm.  Alisa's guidance and advice was always on target and given with my best interests in mind.  As the Chair of the Employment Law Department of my current firm, I would not hesitate to call on Alisa to fill our attorney needs." - Nicole Minkow, Senior Employment Counsel, Pearlman, Borska & Wax 

"I worked with Alisa to find new placement after the end of my term as a clerk. I knew it would be an uphill battle because of a few short placements I had in the past, but Alisa welcomed me with confidence and enthusiasm. She helped me polish my application materials and started making submissions on my behalf almost immediately. I have worked with other placement professionals in the past, but Alisa is unmatched in constant communication and the quality and number of positions she recommended for submission. I highly recommend Alisa's services to anyone going through a job transition. "

- Bryce (Orange County)

 ​"Alisa Levitt successfully matched me with an opportunity that I would not have otherwise discovered without her.  Alisa was professional, diligent, thorough, and responsive.  Her deep understanding of what was most important to me and to the employer - and ensuring our values aligned - played a significant role in the successful match." - Scott (Orange County)​​​​

"I have known Alisa for several years.  In a difficult and competitive job market, I found it very helpful to have someone in my corner that has relationships with firms throughout Orange County and San Diego, which is where we focused my job search efforts. Through her extensive contacts, Alisa identified several promising opportunities that were not listed on the major job search websites. Alisa coached me before and after interviews and provided helpful insight throughout my search. Overall, I felt better prepared during interviews.  I would not hesitate to recommend Alisa to anyone who needs a professional to help them find a good job!" Mike (San Diego)

 "I recently worked with Alisa in hopes of transitioning to another law firm that would be a better fit for me.  I couldn’t have found a better recruiter to help me through an incredibly stressful process.  Alisa is AWESOME!  She has been in the industry for many years, is very knowledgeable and has great connections.  She takes the time to get to know you so that she understands exactly what your goals are and tries to match you with a place that fits those goals.  Alisa is great at keeping in touch so that you always know where you stand with all of your submissions.  I have worked with other recruiters in the past but no one else has been as helpful, proactive and hardworking as Alisa.  I would not hesitate to use Alisa again for my next search if and when that time comes.  I know she will not disappoint!” - Connie (Los Angeles)